Jack Warne: Rtapte

2 July - 14 August 2021
Castor is pleased to present Jack Warne’s debut solo exhibition ‘Rtapte’.

Warne’s practice combines digital paintings, composed soundtracks and augmented reality. Rtapte explores scenes from childhood filtered into a dream like daze combining nostalgia with the domestic and industrial.

Jack grew up with moments of his life in complete darkness. A blinding caused by a hereditary disease of the cornea (Thiele Behnke Corneal Dystrophy) . This traumatic experience granted him a particular perspective, and started his obsession with the physiological glitch and virtual error.

Rtapte examines the relationship between this trauma, Language - Translation and the rise of advanced technologies such as; Artificial Intelligence and Simulated Reality. Combining moments of his personal history with found and self made materials, this new body of work is crafted with both the analogue and new technology, across drawing,3D Rendering and industrial printing. Resulting in a composited display of image, material and sound; with each part moving, and dependant on its counterpart.

The images are extended further via custom built augmented reality filters, Warne challenges this advanced technology to emerge from the physical works into an affective multi-sensory experience. Creating a dialogue between the physicality of the objects, the viewer and the unseen realities that lie beneath the surface.

Rtapte, Partet, Tarept, Patter.

The industrial seeps into the domestic.

Jack Warne was born in Cambridge in 1995 & lives and works in London. He graduated from BA Graphic and Media Design at University ofThe Arts London (2017); and MA Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art (2019).

Selected exhibitions include Old Friends, New Friends, Collective Ending, London (2021); 06, PM/AM, London (2020-2021); In Our Blood,I Thought You Were Dancing?, Limbo, London (2020); Terra Nexus, Proposition Studios, London (2020); Graduate Show, Royal College OfArt, London (2019); Reverse Landscape, Hannah Barry Gallery, London (2019)