Rosie McGinn: Contemplating my Navel

3 September - 2 October 2021

‘Rosie McGinn stares at her cuddly bit whilst painting tiny post-it watercolours of previous works [2015 - today]’.

McGinn’s practice centres around a fascination with extremes of human emotion. From euphoria to despair; seeming opposites which can interchange within the space of a sharp intake of breath at sporting events, mass gatherings and leisure pursuits.

Best known for producing often oversized soft sculptures depicting sporting icons, music culture and mavericks each in their own way pushing the limits of human potential. Like the monks of Mount Athos gazing on their umbilical region in converse with the Deity, here we find the artist in a moment of reflection, contemplating her navel at the past 6 years of video work, sculpture and kinetic pieces. Spread across the gallery walls is a chronological journey through key works precisely recreated in watercolour.