Jonathan Trayte: SCHUSSBOOMER
2 December 2017 - 27 January 2018

An installation of wallpaper, lighting and sculpture.

Three coin activated devices, reminiscent of amusement park arcades, with pre-recorded sounds and independent movements perform on demand. These sculptures, built using the mechanics and electrical components of children’s rides, are activated using 20p coins that are littered throughout the gallery on the darkened floor. Glossy skins of paint, crustings of aggregates, or powdered flock give the work a colourful pop status, a chameleon appearance and an almost edible quality that is informed by our global language of consumption.

Dystopian melodies composed using samples taken from food preparation present an eerie scenario as they play out in an artificial dusk. Suspended above from a black ceiling and amongst the subdued lighting is a constellation of bronze cast onion rings. Almost within reach like prizes at a fair, these function as an artist’s edition, key rings will be cut down cut down when purchased. Concrete ‘trunk lamps’ project from the gallery floor, offering limited lighting against a pale pink wallpaper that is made using images of processed meats and punctuated with islands of white fat.

The work is a coming together of natural forms and saccharine colours. Weighted in the nostalgia of theme park attractions, these ambitious kinetic sculptures tout themselves as gaudy reminders of an on-going human desire to develop and expand, reflecting on our questionably ‘bright’ and ‘synthetic’ future as a discourse for interactive sculpture and installation.

Sounds made in collaborating with Joseph Kaye
Trayte (b. 1980, Huddersfield) studied at the Royal Academy Schools 2010 and University of the Creative Arts Canterbury 2004. Exhibitions include Tropicana Christies, London (2017), Identify your Limitations, Vitrine Basel, Switzerland, Milk, Christies, London (2016), Polyculture, The Tetley, Leeds (2016); The Shoppers Guide, Converse X Dazed at Royal Academy of Arts, London (2015), Pazar, Istanbul Art Projects, Istanbul (2014); Under a Pine Tree, Simon Oldfield Gallery, London (2011); Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2011 and 2009, Newcastle/Sheffield/London. He was recipient of the Fashion Arts Foundation Commission 2016, the Time Out Istanbul Residency 2014 and the Land Securities Studio Award 2011. His work is held in important collections around the world.