Steven Gee: Sandwiched
28 January 2017

‘Sandwiched’ - a term used to describe an inner layer of gypsum sandwiched between two outer layers of lining paper.

Working closely with Andy Wicks, Director of Castor, Steven Gee installs a specific arrangement of plasterboard to construct Castor’s new exhibition space. Referring to the space, and Steven’s interests in the transitive relation between image and object, paradox narratives will be drawn; within a circular thread. The space becomes an image, a frame – literal and conceptual to the objects, but also to the gallery. After the exhibition, the walls will be painted white ready for the next exhibition. Steven’s plasterboard walls up to this date have been temporary, however the composition specific to Castor will be in situ for as long as the Gallery is. The fabric and structure of the space, perhaps re-visited by future artists. While the exhibition is on, the wall is art, a painting. What happens once it is painted over, white? Is it still a painting, or a functional wall? These questions set an agenda around bringing focus to the function, or possible relation a wall has to artwork.

Steven often uses building and insulation materials in his work, which loosely refers to a parody somewhat as he works conceptually. Fictitious branded hi-vis worker vests, unused, may form uncertainty as to whether the artist is invested in physical labour. Drawing from recycling sign imagery, notions of circular threads and digestion feed into the work. Steven speaks about the digestion of an image and is interested in the continuing effect his former works have on his current. In what you could call a regurgitation, a ceramic pie will be filled with left over material from works made over the past two years, boiled down into a concoction. A pie’s inner life is a secret; their outer form, a sculpture. Food and digestive metaphors become important in the work, buried in the work, not visual, but only attainable through close inspection or through reading the material list. It is this activation, which interests Steven, whether it’s a slow burner or a flippant idea. Unravels this thread of invisibility, looking, revealing and covering, all pointing towards labour, thought labour.