Sarah Bernhardt: like all your favourite entries from the urban dictionary in a font you hate
2 - 31 August 2016

Castor Projects is pleased to present Sarah Bernhardt’s first London solo show in the form of an evolving exhibition.

The working title takes the crowdsourced online dictionary of slang as a starting point when discussing potential tensions and pressures exerted in the social and literal ‘body.’ The website’s millions of submissions, whilst often explicit, exhaustively detail the minutiae of sexual slang and colloquial speech, whilst the terms themselves frequently have multiple definitions attached. Although the dictionary has met accusations of profanity and offence, the site offers an unabridged and open submission process that is roundly democratic and often used in courts of law.

A significant number of the entries concern the body in the broadest sense; physical adjectives in their crudest forms and without the canonical status afforded by traditional dictionaries. Thus, language around the body is immediate and malleable; in this show Bernhardt will take aspects of gesture, regulation and redundancy to talk about the body as simultaneously social and intimate.

New site specific work will be made during the show, while the starting point will be Bernhardt’s ‘untitled;’ a series of looped films that were made by balancing contact lenses in what are commonly known as ‘glory holes.’ These spaces are both common pornographic tropes as well as appearing in clandestine social spaces for anonymous encounters. Stripped of any function they appear as the interface between the literal private body as well a framework for boundaries in public geography.