Oliver Tirre: I am so heavy
12 February - 5 March 2016

Castor Projects is pleased to present the first London solo show by Oliver Tirré.

The phrase ‘I am so heavy’ is in reference to one feeling overly present in space; of having an awareness towards the weight of immaterial things, such as thoughts and of being grounded in an architecture or landscape. The exhibition tries to give a physical dimension to these fleeting moments of fluctuation in oneself. As well as a visual record of watching one develop from an outsiders point of view.

The works presented are the absence of the actual work. They could perhaps be seen as visualisations of how other artworks may begin to materialize internally. They act as stand-ins for being active in the studio; looking and doing, of the development of conscience and language - its constant movement, change and becoming something else through the passage of time.

More specifically, the wood and filler works featured are part of an ongoing body of work, made site specifically in response to the artists’ working studio space. The dimensions and shapes found within them are informed by ‘Scale Model of My Studio Space’ 2014 (made after the event of the actual studio spaces’ construction). A work Tirré made whilst stuck for creative ideas. Now an actual representation of presence; reimagined into formless, endless interior spaces.

Other works are assembled in situ at the gallery, relying on placement and a relationship with space to become.