Lily Hawkes : FLEX
8 - 30 July 2016

Castor Projects is pleased to present FLEX, a site-specific work by Lily Hawkes.

In this new work, Hawkes looks to the built environment and in particular how we interact with and occupy spaces. Hawkes is interested in the physical contact between human touch and architecture, the tension between them and what happens when they converge.-When negative space fills up,
it fills up.

To the brim, to the edge

and for that perfect moment,

the meniscus is like uncharted lands.
But now it stretches, chirrs, changes, breaks form.

There’s no ripcord, it’s gone over the wall, it’s

s a g g i n g

with the strain.Extraneous but breathing/eating/fucking the same things as you.
Claret, contrition, life; it fills up. Threatening to take over. To pull away.
To do the things that you never could. It fills up. Groaning and unpicking the seams.
engorged. Fat. It fills up and twists itself around to face you, to look you in youreyes bulge, everything bulges.

You’re cut off

and you aren’t sure if you like/loathe it.

Black holes form when stars die.

Rae Dixon, 2016